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What is unlisted shares?

Unlisted shares are the shares of the companies which are not listed on any stock exchange and thereby it is not traded publicly. The shareholders of such unlisted companies do not get the privilege which are available to the shareholders of companies listed on stock exchanges (i.e BSE/ NSE/ MSEI). Shares of unlisted companies may get listed in future on the stock exchanges. We facilitate trades in such unlisted shares by matching buyers and sellers thereby enabling liquidity to current shareholders and enabling new investors to participate in future growth of the company.

Why Unlisted Deal ?
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Unparalled Expertise

Our team has developed a methodology to help investors improve their decision-making by gleaning real and useful information from their data.

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Indepth Market Research

We explore the opportunities in the unlisted shares space and identify the best available stocks using various parameters mitigating risk and help our clients invest in growing companies.

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Transparent Dealings

All the information required by an investor is provided in easy to understand format and all transactional details are provided before entering into a transaction.

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Safe, Smooth and Fast Processing of Transactions

We ensure processing of every transaction entered with us smoothly, with complete safety and in the best possible time frame.

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Periodic Monitoring and Regular Updates

We continuously monitor the performance of the unlisted companies and provide regular updates to the clients helping them in making informed decisions.

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Diversify Your Portfolio

We help to diversify the portfolio of the investors by offering a unique investment proposal and diversified investment opportunities in various sectors.

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