What Is The Client Master Report Or CMR Copy?

client master report

Are you curious as to what a Client Master Report is or why it is necessary for you? By the conclusion of this post, you’ll understand why it’s one of the most critical papers a trader should possess.

What is a Client Master Report?

Client Master Report (CMR) is a document that includes all of the account holder’s information. It is the most preferred document for off-market transactions.

A Client Master Report provides critical information, such as the following:

– Personal information such as your name, address, as well as the date of birth 

– Demat account status and data 

– Linked bank account information 

– Nomination information

Importance of A Client Master Report 

After learning what CMR is, you might be wondering how it benefits you. We’ve listed some of the most important uses of a Client Master Report below: 

– Serves as a certificate for your Demat account 

– Allows you to connect your current Demat account to a new or additional trading account with some other broker 

– Consolidated information simplifies off-market transactions for you 

– Serves as legal evidence of the destination of your securities 

– Ascertains that no manual mistakes or misunderstandings occur

Essentially, unlisted brokers employ the Client Master Report or CMR Copy to validate two things.

  • To ascertain the source of money in a bank account.
  • To determine the Demat account to which the shares should be transferred

Key Information of Your CMR Copy

Every CMR copy has certain aspects and information. We’ve mentioned the most crucial data highlighted in a CMR below: 


Depository Participant ID (DP ID) is a one-of-a-kind number issued by National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) or Central Depository Securities Limited (CDSL).

Client ID

Your broker will provide you with this unique identifying number.

Account Status

The status of your account reveals whether it is active or inactive.

Date of Account Opening

The date your Demat account was created.

Date of Account Closure

The day your account will be permanently deactivated. Only if your account is closed will this date be reported.

BO Status

BO Status informs us of the account holder’s current status. It informs us if you established an account as a corporation, trust, HUF, person, or other entity.

BO Sub Status

It indicates the account holder’s sub-status. If the account holder’s status is Individual, his sub-status might be Resident or NRI.

Type of Account

You may refer to the sort of account you have established here. Demat accounts are classified into three types:

  • Regular Demat Account:  It is utilised by Indian residents.
  • Repatriable Demat Account: This Demat account is utilised by NRIs and allows them to transfer cash overseas.
  • Non-Repatriable Demat Account: This NRI Demat account does not allow you to transfer funds outside of India.


This indicates if the Demat account belongs to a resident or an NRI. If you are a non-resident Indian (NRI), the broker must adhere to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) requirements.

Cycle of Statements

The Statement Cycle is the time span between which you get periodic statements of DP transactions. For example, if you set the frequency of reporting to monthly, you will get the DP transactions statement once a month.

Freeze Status

An account freeze is a regulatory or legal step that stops any transaction from taking place in the account.

Personal Information

It includes all of your personal information, such as:

  • Name of the first holder, their PAN card, and their date of birth 
  • Names of other holders, their PAN cards, and their dates of birth 
  • Occupation
  • Mailing address
  • Permanent address 
  • Phone number 
  • Email address


If your account is designated as a Basic Service Demat Account (BSDA), the BSDA Flag status will be ‘Yes,’ otherwise it will be ‘No,’ according to Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

Bank Information

All of the bank data associated with your Demat account may be found here. Namely,

  • Bank name 
  • Type of bank account
  • Account number of the bank 
  • MICR code 
  • IFSC code 
  • ECS flag

Nominee Specifics

A nominee is a person who is eligible to receive an inheritance in the event of an untimely death. If you’ve designated a nominee for your account, you’ll see information like the nominee’s name and address. If the candidate is a minor, the guardian’s information will be shown instead.

Particulars of a Power of Attorney

You may appoint someone to act on your behalf with this legal document. Brokers are permitted to operate on your behalf since you have authorised them to work on your behalf to smooth out share movements. The Master ID, name, reference, and holder status of your broker will be mentioned in this document.

The Broker’s Contact Information

Copy customers may view the location data and the broker’s contact information on the client master report, or CMR. This is useful in the event that the customer needs assistance from the broker in resolving a problem.

How To Get A Client Master Report

To get a PDF copy of the Customer Master Report or CMR Copy, the client just has to send an email to the broker with whom he/she has created a Demat account. Certain brokers allow you to download the Client Master Report or CMR Copy straight from the mobile application.

Steps To Find Your Demat Account Number

Your DP ID and Client ID combination is your Demat account number. Furthermore, if you are a CDSL customer, the first eight numbers will be your DP ID and the next eight digits will be your Client ID. On the other hand, if you are enrolled with NSDL, the first two characters are the initials ‘IN,’ followed by six numbers of the DP ID, and the last eight digits are the Client ID.


So, now you know all there is to know regarding your Client Master Report. There’s no denying that the CMR is extremely important and can help you with your transactions. For more information about trading in unlisted stocks, contact our experts at Unlisted Deal today!

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