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Founded by CA Harshil Shah in 2017Unlisteddeal.com is a professionally managed specialized financial services company engaged in buying and selling of Pre-IPO/ unlisted/ unquoted/ delisted equity shares with a commitment to provide client-centric solutions by helping them invest in growing unlisted companies and at the same time to help them sell delisted/ non traded shares to enable liquidity to them with seamless transaction flow.

Unlisteddeal.com is a platform committed to providing the best rates and quality service to all customers while sharing knowledge of the company’s industry and position the company in particular due to our fundamental expertise which will help investors to make informed decisions.

We are one of the best dealers engaged in buying and selling unlisted shares all across India.

If you have any questions/ concerns, you can write us on harshil@unlisteddeal.com and we will get in touch with you.